About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us

• Guaranteed increase in staff efficiency and productivity
• Guaranteed delivery of competitive edge to your Organization over the competition, due to better service delivery to your customers, using solutions delivered by ARIES
• We conduct a survey of the Organization’s specific ICT needs, design and develop the solutions in line with the needs of the Organization. Implementation can then be programmed and delivered in a most efficient and cost-effective manner
• Our technological initiatives are up-to-date, accurate, consistent, industry-oriented, user-friendly with guided usage and attractive
• ARIES ensures increased use of technology, global trends, and best practices which results in higher production and enhances the performance of management and staff
• We assist your employees to do their work in a more effective and efficient way, thereby reducing learning and supervision time
• Our solutions help in maintaining validity of your Organization as a whole and raises the morale of your employees while assisting them to function more effectively in their present positions by exposing them to the latest concepts, information, technologies and techniques and developing their skills alongside.
• We also assist in building up a second line of competent employees by preparing them to occupy more responsible and accountable positions
• Guaranteed after-sales support
• Many years of experience and pool of 1st class customer references
• The Brand Name
• Domain expertise in the Financial and Telecoms Industries
• An installed base of satisfied customers
• Strategic partnership with OEMs, with best-in-class products
• Competent workforce with years of experience
• A library of good Reference from customers
• An aggressive sales and marketing workforce with a no-excuse culture
• A tested support infrastructure
• 24/7 telephone/web-based Service Desk support
• Dedicated team of Support Engineers available on call
• Dedicated team of experienced and professional Network Designers, Engineers and Installers
• Dedicated Technical Project Managers maintaining daily contact with sites

Our Mission

To deliver the best customer service and support that will add value to our customers operations which will make us to be a world class corporation, while applying engineering skills to harness technology in innovative ways to the business benefits of our customers..

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Our vision

A world class Organization, applying ICT and engineering skills to harness technology in innovative ways to the business benefits of our customers.

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Some of our Awesome parters

People we work together with to ensure that we deliver top quality services to you

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